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We manufacture pintle pins for worldwide manufacturers of many different types of conveyor belts, paper machine clothing and belting fabrics since 1984.

Pintle pins

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Our pintle pins are custom-made from a choice of materials like polyester, nylon, or PEEK monofilament, and typically feature a stainless-steel leader pin, although other alloy types are available. You can select the diameter and length according to your needs. These pintle pins can have one or several monofilaments and leader pins and are sold as is or in a plastic dispenser container.

Check out our different standard products, known for their high quality and excellent craftsmanship. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us to discuss custom manufacturing options.

Monostrand Pintle Pin

In belt fabric seaming, the Lead wire, particularly with a very smooth welding sleeve, is the key to effortlessly facilitating the process of passing a monostrand pintle pin. This specialized wire presents a seamless and efficient approach to threading a singular strand of monofilament through your belt fabric seam, ensuring precision and ease in every application.

Choose your paint

For an extra layer of convenience during installation, consider the option of incorporating a vibrant touch. With fluorescent paint available in your choice of either striking yellow or vivid orange, you can enhance visibility and accuracy. This added feature proves invaluable, particularly in intricate or low-light settings, where it serves as a beacon of guidance, streamlining the installation process with remarkable efficacy.

Multistrand Pintle Pin

The multistrand pintle pin, comprising multiple strands, fills the entire space within belt fabric seam loops. This minimizes free space, reducing wear and improving seam longevity. It ensures a snug fit, fortifying seam integrity and promoting even load distribution to avoid stress on specific fabric points. This design reflects precision engineering for enhanced durability and sustained performance.

Pintle Pin Split

In situations where a smaller connection sleeve diameter is required without compromising the desired number of strands within your seam, the split pintle pin emerges as the optimal solution. This ingeniously crafted pin ensures that you maintain both the original diameter and the preferred number of monofilament strands while effectively reducing the connection sleeve size.

The setup of this split pintle pin is characterized by its seamless integration. The leader is intricately linked, via the main sleeve, to one or potentially several monofilaments, as well as another metal wire. This second metal wire is subsequently connected to additional monofilaments through a secondary sleeve, creating a harmonious and efficient configuration that maximizes functionality.

This unique design not only preserves the integrity of your chosen diameter and strand count but also underscores the split pintle pin’s versatility and adaptability in diverse seaming scenarios. Click here for a wide shot.

Needles and loops

Discover the versatility of our wire needles, designed for effortless threading of monofilaments through a loop at the needle’s end. Tailored to your specifications, these needles come in various diameters and loop sizes, made from your chosen monofilament or metal wire to suit your unique needs.

Open sleeve

Our custom open sleeve, meticulously designed, enhances your seaming experience. It’s engineered for a precise fit with your own monofilament, ensuring a secure and reliable connection in every use.

Pintle Pin Stuffer

Our pintle pin stuffer is designed to improve air permeability reduction in seams. It works in perfect synergy with our pintle pins for a seamless and effective seaming process, ensuring optimal seam integrity.


We take pride in the meticulous packaging of our pintle pin products, ensuring they reach you in optimal condition. Our pintle wires are neatly rolled into either an 8″ or 9.5″ diameter, providing options tailored to your specific requirements. The 8″ coil, being more compact, facilitates easy integration with fabric, felt, or conveyor belts. On the other hand, the 9.5″ coil offers a bit more space, allowing the lead wire to retain its shape with minimal memory of the curved coil. Each of our pintle wires is then carefully placed in a zip lock plastic bag with an identification tag or a label on the bag, providing an extra layer of protection during storage and transportation.

Plastic Dispenser Container and Spools

For enhanced protection and convenience, we offer plastic dispenser container and spools. These sturdy plastic shells serve as a shield against potential damage, kinks, and environmental factors such as dust.

Plastic dispenser container guarantees comprehensive protection during both shipment and storage, effectively safeguarding against potential tangling, especially with multi-strand pintle pin monofilaments. Additionally, they always provide unobstructed access to your pintle pin, ensuring hassle-free handling and deployment.

Our plastic spools excel at shielding the monofilament during transportation and storage, significantly reducing the risk of any potential damage. Moreover, they are engineered to prevent tangling, especially with multi-strand pintle pin monofilaments, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Adapted to your needs

Explore our custom-made pintle pin products, adaptable to your specific needs. From wire diameter to material selection, we offer options like polyester, nylon, PEEK, or your own monofilament, which we can keep for you in our facility. Our expert craftsmanship ensures precision and attention to detail in every custom creation. Whether you seek a specific diameter or material for your seaming project, we have the expertise to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.

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